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I have been searching for inspiration for my jewellery, so started looking into all things African……I know coral is the bead of choice but I’m a fan for clear cut stones, cabochons and gems. So I realised I would have to look for inspiration else where.

Africans just looove colour, it is seen in their outfits, headties and fabrics, so one of the point to note was colour. I decided to go on YouTube to look at African fashion shows and trends and ended up watching all of Chris Aire’s shows and collections. I loved the Chris Aire Hollywood Glamour Collection Spring 2011, one necklace in particular that caught my eye; it is a multi strand necklace with an amazing mesh of colour and guess what? they were clear stones. Look out for it at 3.27 0f the video (oooo I love me some Chris Aire) ……….

……..then it struck me, Why don’t I design jewellery with colour schemes that match the ever versatile Ankara Fabric. Genious!

Each ankara design is just so versertile, colourful and unique, it would be quite a challenging task but that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

While searching for ankara designs, I found out that there’s a company in Middlesex called Middlesex Textiles who make the prints and would deliver the fabrics to me in the UK, yay!!!!

I’ll just have to decide whether I’m going to purchase these fabrics first, so they can be made into outfits for the photo shoot of each pieces or shall I just randomly create from the styles and designs I come across?

hmmmmn, well here are a few samples I fell in love with, I’ll come up with a few designs and update you in a bit.




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