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D@AC? is it a noun? a verb? a formula?

Let me put you out of your misery………………. it is a Nigerian Watch brand owned by two lovely ladies, Busola Akomolede and Bola Anibaba.

D@AC stands for ‘DAT Akomolede Chic’, I came across this article on Hilltop247 and fell in love with the watches.

They got a full range of Male and Femal watches here.

My favourite is called Metro Woman, I prefer it in the Chrono Blue version, which is one of the 8 colours available, why don’t you check them out here.


I’m really impressed by what the present crop of young people are doing in the various industries, these watches are Swiss made and go at pocket friendly prices in comparison to their counterparts of the same quality.

Just though I’d share.

What’s your taste in Watches?




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